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Name Birth
Kok, Adriana Johanna about 1928
de Kok, Catharina 30 September 1860
Kok, Cornelia Pietertje 17 August 1899
Kok, Cornelia Pietertje 20 October 1908
Kok, Cornelis 8 October 1867
Kok, Pieter Paulus 26 July 1896
Kok, Pietertje Cornelia 19 May 1904
Kok, Willem 28 July 1825
Kok, Willem Aart Adrianus 11 September 1900
Kok, [Living]  
Kok, [Living]  
Kok, [Living]  
Kok, [Living]  
Kok, [Living]