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Name Birth
Bakker 5 April 1944
Bakker, Adriana about 1930
Bakker, Coenraad 5 January 1910
Bakker, Cornelia Wilhelmina Sibilla 27 September 1874
de Bakker, Engelina about 1900
Bakker, Frans 21 May 1868
den Bakker, Jaapje 29 January 1832
Bakker, Johanna Catharina Pieternella Catharina 13 February 1953
Bakker, Levinus 17 April 1899
Bakker, Maarten 18 September 1874
den Bakker, [Living]  
den Bakker, [Living]  
Bakker, [Living]  
den Bakker, [Living]  
den Bakker, [Living]  
den Bakker, [Living]