de Joode, IJsbrandt Corneliszn.

Birth Name de Joode, IJsbrandt Corneliszn.
Also Known As de Jooden, IJsbrand Corneliszn.
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father de Jode, Cornelis1712-05-151783-09-04
Mother van der Hart, Paulina1709-02-131747-12-02
    Sister     de Joode, Elizabeth 1738-07-20 1829-07-22
    Sister     de Joode, Aaltje 1740-09-11 1769-12-01
         de Joode, IJsbrandt Corneliszn. 1742-04-15 1798-12-20
    Brother     de Jode, Jan 1744-07-12 before 1845
Father de Jode, Cornelis1712-05-151783-09-04
Stepmother van der Hart, Hendrina1712-10-091786-03-07
    Half-sister     de Joode, Martina 1749-05-15 1753-12-29
    Half-sister     de Jode, Anna Elisabeth 1751-05-02 1753-09-24
    Half-brother     de Joode, Cornelis 1752-10-01 1787-08-29
    Half-sister     de Joode, Martina Wilmijna 1754-02-17 before 1854


Family of de Joode, IJsbrandt Corneliszn. and Dalm, Dingena

Married Wife Dalm, Dingena ( * 1743-11-24 + 1807-03-16 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1768-01-31 Woudrichem, Altena, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands   2a
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Joode, Aaltje IJsbrandsdr.1772-05-19
de Joden, Jenneke1779-03-09
de Joode, Gerrit1779-05-05
de Jode, Jan Willem1786-05-26
de Jode, Elisabeth Willemina1787-10-04
de Joode, Paulina Hendrina1843-05-05
de Jode, Aaltjebefore 1880
de Joode, Gerritbefore 1880
de Jode, Jennekebefore 1883
de Jode, Elisabeth Willeminabefore 1891

Family Map

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