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Name Birth Death Partner
Rugebrink, Aaltje about 1706 before 1806 Brunsveld, Hendrik
Rugebrink, Albert 1792-02-08 before 1892  
Rugebrink, Gerrit Jansen Vlim 1828-11-11 1837-01-27  
Rugebrink, Gerrit Jansen Vlim 1828-11-11 before 1928  
Rugebrink, Hendrik Jan 1827-06-04 before 1927  
Rugebrink, Hendrika about 1761 before 1861 Peters, Peter
Rugebrink, Kornelia 1821-02-28 1894-03-14 Scholten, Arend
Rugebrink, Lamberdina about 1715 before 1815 Derksen, Hendrik
Rugebrink, Lammertje about 1709 before 1752 van Loo, Hendrik