Kentie, Petronella Francisca

Birth Name Kentie, Petronella Francisca
Also Known As Kentie, Pieternella Francina
Also Known As Kentie, Pietronella Fransisca
Gender female
Age at Death 94 years, 2 months


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Kenti, Pieter1753-04-221796-01-26
Mother van Arkel, Ida Helena1752-07-071826-01-15
    Brother     Kentie, Adrianus 1778-10-30 1822-06-04
    Sister     Kentie, Henderina Petronella 1781-02-23 1853-05-12
    Brother     Kentie, Willem 1782-09-15 1858-06-04
    Sister     Kentie, Pieternella Elizabeth 1784-07-28 1784-11-01
    Sister     Kentie, Elizabeth 1785-10-05 1802-11-25
         Kentie, Petronella Francisca 1787-10-13 1881-12-13


Family of de Jager, Albertus and Kentie, Petronella Francisca

Married Husband de Jager, Albertus ( * 1790-05-10 + 1847-07-23 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1820-04-12 ‘s-Gravenhage, Gemeente ’s-Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands   2a
Name Birth Date Death Date
de Jager, Pieter Jan1820-12-311884-08-02
de Jager, Willem Adrianus1824-01-191909-04-26
de Jager, Ida Elizabeth1826-09-07before 1930
de Jager, Cornelia Maria1829-05-251830-11-13

Family Map

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