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Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Evers, Elisabet 1795-08-21 1854-07-24 Reugebrink, Jan Hendrik Evers, Evert Harmsen, Henders
Evers, Evert about 1757 1813-05-01 Harmsen, Henders  
Evers, Jan about 1760 1805-08-14 Willemsen, Henders  
Evers, Laurens Arie Tielemanus 1893-10-15 1968-01-07 Kentie, Sara Evers, Willem George Frederik van Casteren, Adriana Maria
Evers, Maria 1791-03-14 1838-01-01 Reugebrink, Jan Hendrik Evers, Jan Willemsen, Henders
Evers, Naleke 1863-01-04 1928-10-27 van Berghem, Hendrik Jan  
Evers, Willem George Frederik 1866-08-12 1936-01-19 van Casteren, Adriana Maria  
Evers, Willemken 1786-01-15 1824-04-19 Korenblik, Antonij  
Evers, [Living]       Evers, Laurens Arie Tielemanus Kentie, Sara